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probably the best thing i have ever put on facebook.

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"Lift me, human!"

this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

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#187 'but just for tonight hold on'

  • Louis: It was whispered into your hand, his lips warm against your ice cold fingers. He was breathing hot air on them to warm them up, completely in denial that this might be it. He was more worried about your hands being so cold, because he didn't want you to get sick, you were always a cranky sick person. He told his mum this, and for a few moments he believed his lie that maybe this wasn't real, or you weren't here for this reason. Your heart monitor was screeching out with obnoxious beeps that proved you weren't gone, just yet, but Louis didn't want to think about that, never ever. "Hold on baby, fight it."
  • Niall: Red velvet blood gushed from your side, it was pouring all over Nialls shirt, and he regrets wearing white. Almost regrets it. "Think of our wedding day in a few months, think of all the pretty flowers and how beautiful you are going to look." He whispered down at you, and he was ready to let you go. He wish he found the strength in him to be that selfish boyfriend and tell you to stay and wake up because this is all just one big, bad nightmare. But this blood was real and his tears that dripped onto your cheeks were real. "Remember when I took you to Panama and it was so beautiful." He gushed and ran his thumb over your cheek. He heard the sirens outside, and he found a glimmer of hope to lean down and whisper in your ear, finding strength to be that selfish boyfriend. "Hold on baby."
  • Harry: "Don't leave me baby girl." Your eyes were closing on him, his silhouette blurry and getting farther away from you, until it was black and all you could feel was the pain in your heart and head, which was probably a headache. "Hold on. Please hold on." He sobbed from above you, and you wanted to scream "I'm not letting go." But your lips wouldn't move, and your legs were paralyzed. It was becoming hard to breathe, and you felt your insides collapse in on themselves (or at least that's what it felt like). His fingers brushed against the inside of your forearm, and it was like being touched for the first time because it felt so real, too real and maybe you were loosing consciousness, but you could still hear him, yelling from above you. "Don't leave me."
  • Liam: "Don't give up on me." He cries into your shirt, hugging your limp body up to his chest, trying to remember your voice and how you would whisper to him at night, when it was quiet and the tv was turned off, and it was just the two if you. He tried to remember the sound of your heartbeat racing when he was pulled into your chest. Always the cuddled, not the cuddly, he used to mind but not now, not when you are barely breathing. Your fingers that curled around his bicep are now loosening their grip, your nail indents are fading and so are you. "Listen to my voice, look at me." He tugs your head up from it's dead weight position. They were barely open, and he was having trouble seeing your irises behind your eyelashes. You sent a small smile up to him, the only one you could muster up. He'd remember.
  • Zayn: It wasn't immediate, it didn't take his breathe away, it didn't make him cry too much. He was loosing pieces of you everyday, he was watching you die and bury yourself six feet under before anyone else could. You were giving up, your pale skin contrasting with his dark. He would say it was beautiful but you'd tell him to shut it, because it wasn't. Dying wasn't beautiful and it was sad and depressing and everyday was a battle, and he called you beautiful. "Hold on." He mumbled, no longer finding pale skin beautiful as it slipped through his fingers. "Let her go!" The doctor shouted to him, he didn't want to. He shouldn't have to let go, but he did.


he was def one of those kids that got away with cursing in front of adults bc he just looks and sounds so cute saying it 


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this photo will be circulating like 50 yrs from now

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im 17 and i dont have a period yet is this weird

allan you have a penis


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Don’t (Explicit) - Ed Sheeran

I didn’t know I needed this in my life ‘til I heard it. What a beauty.

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"There is one scene in the book where Gus goes to a gas station, and he tries to buy a pack of cigarettes because it’s the only way he can assert his own independence after becoming very sick. He [Ansel] did that scene so much justice, and he brought his all. It was midnight when we filmed it, and he just sat there and lost it for hours. I was just sort of in awe." - Shailene Woodley

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I can never stop posting this. The narrow minded bible fanatics that just look at one small thing in the bible then feed the world with their hate over it. At the same time they ignore all the other silly laws made by man they claimed were made by god. These gif’s say it all.


Omg this was best post I’ve seen today, I will never scroll by this. EVER

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no one ever likes me as much as i like them 

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